Yves Klein Les Anthropométries Live

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"The Czech painter Yves Klein is ready.
Music gave him the thrill.
These models, covering themselves with paint,are human brushes that soon Klein will use to turn his creative fever into art.
You may have guessed, by now, that Klein's favorite color is blue.
Moreover, blue is his only form, his only color.
Blue like his pictures that sell like hot cakes in Paris.
Blue like the event that our camera is approaching, which most venerable critics consider as the ulmost Klein masterpiece, whose dominant color, as any connaisseur may guess, happens to be blue.
Dripping with blue, the human brushes leave their prints on the canvas, while Klein guides them from afar, with the energy of his creative genius.
The work, that we had the privilege to catch in all the phases of its creation, is on sale for only 4 millions francs."Share/Save/Bookmark
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