Burn David Nutt

Burn David Nutt 
Science Vs morals (and stupidity)

When people look at the finger which is pointing at the moon...
Professor David Nutt has not only been sacked but is facing the stakes because of his scientific declaration ...
Remember: June 22 1633, the Italian scientist Galileo Galilei, then aged 70, was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Congregation of the Holy Office, the judicial arm of the Inquisition. He was forced to recant the heliocentric theory of Copernicus, whose work has been put to the index 15 years earlier. But Urban VII, who had originally supported Galileo, transmutes the sentence under house arrest. Having renounced his belief in science and especially the fact that the earth turns on itself, Galileo would have whispered "And yet it moves". However it is likely that this phrase is a myth. The Church rehabilitated in 1992.
This hasn't much to do with 3D per se but is really scary. Professor on sky news educates newsreader on some drug related facts
Telegraph Professor Nutt: 'If we want to reduce deaths, alcohol and heroin are the issues'
Bristol / Neuroscience Professor David Nutt The psychopharmacology of depression, addiction, insomnia and other
guardian Government drug adviser David Nutt sacked by Mark Tran
facebook Re-instate Professor David Nutt

Dave Cole

Professor Nutt's presentation to the Westminster Skeptics in the Pub. "Professor David Nutt has kindly allowed me to put his presentation on estimating drug harms from Monday 16th"

 Estimating drug harms: a risky business

Centre for crime and justice studies
Estimating drug harms: a risky business  / Professor David Nutt / Eve Saville Lecture 2009

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