Philosophy meets Mathematics

Hosted by Dr Grigory Perelman
Philosophy meets Mathematics:
  Dr Grigory Perelman has solved  one of the most intractable problems in mathematics!
  What he found is beyond my understanding and I hope to find some enlighment soon (on line?)

  Yet his attitude in itself is worth more than any fame or money.  
  Instantly dubbed the most intelligent man on earth he is buzzed not for what he found, which goes over six billion people's heads, but because he refused the prize and does not care about  most people's motivation: celebrity...
  He did not get oversized boobs implanted, did not eat live spiders in the jungle, does not play football or whatever sports, does not design clothes, does not sing, nor do porn.
He then might be the seed of something more important than pleasing Simon Cowell and consors, he is a true genuine human being and stands for it.
  As a conclusion, if he is the most intelligent man on earth he might show some alternative there to be understood and followed.
  Turning his back on fakeness, he is not only a mathematician but a true Socratian philosopher...Armand Dauré.

Read this article by Will Stewart! World's cleverest man turns down $1million prize after solving one of mathematics' greatest puzzles Mail Online
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